SUEZ Zielona Energia has been founded by SUEZ Polska (50% of shares) and Marguerite Waste Polska (50% of shares). The objective of SUEZ Zielona Energia was to participate in the tender and today it is to implement the project of the Energy from Waste Plant in Poznań (ITPOK – Instalacja Termicznego Przekształcania Odpadów Komunalnych).

On 8 April 2013, the City of Poznań and SUEZ Zielona Energia (then SITA Zielona Energia) signed a Public-Private Partnership contract, under which the ITPOK was established. It is the first project of this type in Poland, in the waste management sector, that will be implemented based on the PPP formula.


SUEZ Poland

SUEZ Polska is a subsidiary of SUEZ – the world leader in the field of environmental solutions. In Europe SUEZ runs 47 waste thermal processing plants, processing 7.3 million tonnes of municipal waste per annum. SUEZ (formerly SITA) has been present in the Polish market as a leader in waste management and maintaining of cleanliness since 1992. It employs nearly 2,600 persons.




The 2020 European Fund for Energy, Climate Change and Infrastructure (“Marguerite Fund”) was established with the support of six leading public financial institutions in Europe (Caisse des Dépôts et consignations, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, European Investment Bank, Instituto de Crédito Oficial, KfW, PKO Bank Polski) to implement capital-intensive infrastructure investments. The fund is advised by an independent consulting firm, Marguerite Adviser S.A. So far the fund has allocated approximately EUR 300 million to projects from transport infrastructure and renewable energy sectors with a total value exceeding EUR 4 billion. Two projects, out of nine projects financed by the Marguerite Fund and located in 7 EU member states, are implemented in Poland.